Quiz “Mysterious Aruba”: rules and conditions

5-days quiz on Aruba on KLM Ukraine Facebook: join and win the gifts!

1. General Terms and Conditions

1.1 The "Mysterious Aruba" Campaign (hereinafter referred to as "the Campaign") is conducted within the framework of advertising campaign for KLM services and is aimed to draw attention to KLM brand, forming or supporting the interest in it and promoting it in the market.

1.2 This Campaign is conducted by the Organizer of the Campaign in accordance with the rules established for promotional events of advertising nature, an offer to participate in this Campaign is addressed to citizens of Ukraine over 18 years old.

1.3 Announcement about the Campaign is placed on the Internet in official communities in social networks: Facebook (hereinafter - the "Action Group/Groups").

1.4 The Campaign shall be carried out on the territory of Ukraine.

1.5 These Rules are published by the Organizer on www.klm.ua.

1.6. The Organizer of the Promotion gives the Prize, established in section 6 of these Rules (earlier and hereinafter - the "Prize"), to the persons who have been declared winners under these Rules.

2. Period of the Campaign

2.1 The Period of the Promotion is from October 08 to November 30, 2021 inclusive.

2.2 The specified period includes:

2.2.1 execution of the Assignment is carried out from October 08 to October 17 inclusive;

2.2.2 drawing of results and determination of the Winner of the Event is to be conducted from the 18th October through the 20th October inclusive;

2.2.3 publication of the Promotion results in action groups within 5 working days from the moment the Winner is determined;

2.2.4 the Prize is to be sent before November 30, 2021.

3. Campaign participants, their rights and liabilities

3.1 Persons who comply with these Rules and fulfill the requirements set forth herein are hereinafter referred to as the Participants of the Promotion.

3.2 Promotion participants may be legally capable persons of 18 years old, citizens of Ukraine, registered, permanently residing in Ukraine and registered as users of "Facebook" social network, in such a case their personal page in this social network shall be available for public viewing during the whole term of this Promotion, specified in p. 3.1 of these Rules. Citizens of other countries don't get a status of a Participant irrespective of actions necessary for participation in the promo action.

3.4 Participants of the action can't be employees and representatives of the Organizer, affiliates of the Organizer, members of their families.

3.5 By participating in the action, namely by making a sequence of conclusive actions specified in clause 5.1 of these rules with the purpose of participation in the action, the Participant:

  • confirms that he/she is 18 (eighteen) years old;
  • confirms that he/she is a citizen of Ukraine, registered and residing in Ukraine;
  • confirms that he/she is acquainted with and unconditionally agrees to all the provisions of these Rules;
  • agrees with processing of the personal data provided to the Organizer for processing and storage for the purposes of the Promotion;
  • guarantees that its actions in order to participate in the Promotion do not violate the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of third parties;
  • bears responsibility for all negative consequences of violation of the guarantees, consents and confirmations given in accordance with these Rules
  • confirms that he/she is the owner of the exclusive right to the Contest work, the availability of the necessary permits/consents of the holders of copyright, related and/or other rights to the Contest work; 
  • authorizes the Organizer to use the Competition works without payment of remuneration by making them publicly available, posting (publication) in public access on the Internet, including on the Website, as well as in advertising materials accompanying the Competition, without returning the works, which have not been determined as prizes;
  • confirms the consent to transfer to the Organizer its exclusive rights to the Competition work in full without any payments and restrictions on the term and territory and methods of use.

3.6 Each Participant may participate in this Promotion once from his/her Facebook account.

3.7 Each Participant may become a Winner only once (once) during the Promotion. The Participants shall have the rights and obligations prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine and the present rules.

4. Order of participation in the Promotion

4.1 In order to become a Participant of the Promotion and claim the Prize, a person who meets the requirements set forth in Clause 4 of these Rules has to get the Prize during the period set forth in Clause 3.2.1 of these Rules. 3.2.1 of these Rules, to perform the task. In order to perform the task, the person specified in this paragraph must perform the following sequence of actions:

4.1.1 Read the rules of the Promotion.

4.1.2 Authorize on the site of the social network "Facebook" using your account.

4.1.3 Complete the Order subject to the limitations set forth in clause 5.5 of these rules:

  • namely become a member of the corresponding Promotion Group and/or continue to be a member of the Promotion Group during the whole term specified in clause 3.1 of these Rules;
  • publish his/her version of answers to questions voiced in the text of posts published by the Organizer in groups and announcing this promo action, in comments to them.
  • A participant may publish an answer to one or several / all questions during the whole term of the Promo quest.
  • Only Participants who answered correctly all questions published by the Organizer during the Period of the Promotion Assignment may qualify for the award.

4.2 The person, by performing the actions specified in point 5.1 of these rules, confirms the consent to participate in this action, the fact of familiarization and consent with these rules of the action, as well as the consent to the provision and processing of personal data by the Organizer and their further use within the action.

4.3 The Organizer of the action (or other person on behalf of the Organizer) carries out obligatory check of materials published by the participant for compliance with the requirements established in these rules (moderation).

4.4 Performing by a person who meets the requirements specified in clause 4 of these rules, the actions specified in clause 5.1 of these rules shall be deemed by submitting an application to participate in the Promotion, as well as the acceptance of a public offer to enter into an agreement to participate in the Promotion by performing conclusive actions (previously and hereinafter - the "Application"). As a result of such actions the contract between the Participant and the Organizer is considered to be concluded from the moment the Application is approved by the Operator in accordance with clause 5.3 of these Rules. 5.3 of these Rules, and such person is recognized as a Participant of the action and becomes a contender for the Award, specified in clause 6.1 of these Rules. The Organizer assigns a serial number to each Application. When accepting Applications the Organizer forms a register of registration of Applications (hereinafter - the "Register"), in which it enters all Applications in chronological order, taking into account the date and time of receipt of the Application.

4.5 Requirements and restrictions when applying for the Promotion:

4.5.1.Materials containing advertisement of goods and services, as well as materials the content of which contradicts to the legislation of Ukraine are not allowed to participate in the Promotion.

4.5.2 In particular, materials shall not explicitly or implicitly: express disrespect for society; insult religious feelings of believers; advocate consumption (distribution) of alcohol beverages and (or) tobacco products; disparage the honor and dignity of citizens, business reputation of citizens and/or legal entities; incite to committing illegal actions, cruelty or violence; have erotic content; inform in any way about the attractiveness of non-traditional sexual relationships or arouse interest in such relationships or form a distorted notion of social equivalence of traditional and non-traditional sexual relationships. also for participation in the Campaign are not allowed the materials whose content contradicts the provisions and norms of the current legislation of Ukraine that establish the requirements for information placement, and the materials that can negatively influence the positioning (image) of KLM brand on the market.

4.6 When determining the Winner, the Organizer shall not take into account the Applications of the Participants in respect of which the Organizer has made a decision to exclude them from participating in the Promotion.

4.7 The Organizer of the Promotion has the right at any time to exclude from the number of Participants or Winners the persons who  

4.7.1 violated the Promotion Rules;

4.7.2 do not meet the requirements provided by Section 4 of these Rules;

4.7.3 are not the authors of the Entries;

4.7.4 insult other Participants/authorized representatives of the Organizer and interfere with the planned promotion.

5. Size, shape and number of Rewards

5.1 The Campaign Reward Fund includes the following Rewards:

  • leather wallet - 3 pieces
  • portable sterilizer - 3 items
  • powerbank for cell phone - 4 items

5.2 Established Reward is not exchangeable and can not be partially or fully replaced with the cash equivalent.

6. Procedure for Determining the Winners and the Winner of the Reward

6.1 To sum up the results of the Promotion, the Operator shall conduct a drawing by compiling a list of Participants in alphabetical order and then uploading this list to the random.org interface to determine the Winners by means of a single random number generator shuffling the list at random.

6.1.1 Ten (10) Participants whose names appear on the first ten positions of the list obtained as a result of shuffling shall be deemed Winners.

6.1.2 In the event that the Award is deemed unclaimed, the Participant whose name appears on the next position on the list is deemed the Winner.

7. Procedure of Award delivery

7.1 The Organizer of the Campaign presents the Award within the period set forth in clause 3.2.4 of these Rules.

7.2 The Operator contacts the Winners within five working days from the moment the Winners are determined and notifies them of the victory and the order of the Award presentation by sending a notification with a personal message in a social network.

7.3 The Participants recognized as Winners and Award holders shall, within three calendar days from the date of receipt of the notification of victory, send to the Organizer in personal messages of the Group, the following information about themselves:

  • surname, first name, patronymic (in accordance with the passport);
  • contact phone number;
  • series and number of an identity document; registration address;
  • address of actual residence;
  • other information at the request of the Organizer.

7.4 By providing personal information, each Winner guarantees the authenticity, correctness and accuracy of the data provided about themselves and the accompanying person.

7.5 The Organizer shall deliver the Award to the Winners by means of a courier service.

7.6 At the request of the Organizer when receiving the Award, the Winners must present an identity document and sign a document confirming the receipt of the Award.

7.7 If the Winners refuse to provide all the necessary information about themselves and the accompanying person and (or) to sign the document confirming the receipt of the Award and (or) to show the identification document, the Organizer reserves the right to refuse to give the Winner the Award, keeps and uses the Award at its discretion.

8. Method and procedure of informing about the terms and conditions of the Promotion

8.1 The rules of the Campaign in full for public access are posted on the website www.klm.ua.

8.2 The organizer has the right to change the rules of the action or cancel the action during the whole period of the contest task specified in clause 3.2.1 of these rules.

8.3 In case the Rules are changed or the Campaign is cancelled, the information about it will be posted by the Organizer in the Action Groups.

9. Personal information

9.1 The fact of submission of Application by the Participant for participation in the action is consent of the Participant to processing of personal data by the Organizer, being an operator of personal data in strict accordance with the purposes set forth by these 10.2. The purpose of processing of personal data is to use such data for the following purposes: the use of personal photos, name, age, city of residence, materials and works created within the process of granting and use of the Award.

9.2 The purpose of personal data processing is the use of such data for:

  • determining the winners of the Promotion and awarding them the Rewards;
  • promotional events on this Campaign, including publication of the results of the Campaign;
  • Fulfillment by the Organizer of its statutory obligations;
  • Other purposes within the limits of the action in accordance with these rules and current legislation.

9.3 The list of personal data provided by the Participant and processed by the Organizer, acting on behalf of the Operator, or persons engaged by it is established and limited by these Rules.

9.4 The list of actions with the personal data provided by the Participants: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data. The Organizer carries out processing of personal data of the Participants in strict compliance with principles and rules established by the Law of Ukraine from June 1, 2010 № 2297-VI On Protection of Personal Data (with amendments and additions as of 15.07.2021).

9.5. The Organizer organizes processing of personal data during the period of the action and further:

9.5.1. without limitation of term stored materials of official publication of the results of the action.

9.6. If the Participant provides inaccurate (unreliable) and (or) inaccurate (incorrect) data during authorization in "Facebook" social network to participate in the action, the Organizer releases the Participant from the obligation to provide the Participant with the Reward and automatically leads to the termination of participation of such Participant in the action.

10. Additional conditions

10.1 The fact of the Participant's participation in the Promotion implies his/her familiarization with these Rules and his/her consent to participate in the Promotion under these Rules.

10.2 Organizer doesn't conduct written negotiations or other contacts with persons participating in promotion, excluding cases determined by these rules and current legislation of Ukraine All the Participants of the Promotion shall pay for all the costs they incurred while participating in the Promotion (including unlimited costs of Internet access).

10.3 No prizes shall be awarded if the Participants fail to comply with these Rules.

10.4 The Organizer at its own discretion can invalidate all applications for participation as well as prohibit further participation in the Promotion to any person who falsifies or profits from falsification of the Promotion application process (for example, through multiple registrations) or acts in violation of these Rules, acts in a destructive way, or performs other dishonest actions, including with intent to annoy, insult, threaten or cause harassment The Organizer independently determines the way to exercise these rights, including, but not limited to, blocking of the Participants' accounts.

10.5 If for any reason the procedures of this Promotion cannot be followed as provided for in these rules, including those caused by computer virus infection, Internet malfunctions, defects, manipulation, unauthorized intervention, tampering, technical failures or any cause beyond the control of the Organizer that distorts or affects the execution, safety, integrity or proper conduct of the Promotion, the Organizer may at its sole discretion

10.7 The Organizer, as well as persons authorized by the Organizer to organize and conduct the Promotion, shall not be liable for:

10.7.1 for the quality of Internet connection as well as for quality of work of Internet providers and compatibility of their equipment and software with equipment and software of the Participants and for other circumstances and (or) limitations not depending on the Organizer as well as for all negative consequences connected with it;

10.7.2 absence of possibility to contact the Participant because of technical failure in the network of the telecommunication operator whose subscriber is the Participant;

10.7.3 any actions of the Participants and (or) third parties that make it impossible for a Participant to take part in this Promotion;

10.7.4 the impossibility to provide Rewards to the Participants for any reasons beyond the control of the Organizer;

10.7.5 incorrect information provided by the Participants during participation in this Promotion;

10.7.6 Failure to deliver notifications about wins due to irrelevant information about the Participant, as well as for technical problems related to data transmission while using communication channels used during the Campaign. If the Organizer cannot contact the Winner using the contact information specified during registration, the Award is deemed unclaimed;

10.7.7 violation of the Rules by the Participants;

10.7.8 the Participants' personal pages in the social network that are blocked or hidden from public viewing, which do not allow them to contact or send a notification of victory;  

10.7.9 failure to fulfill its obligations under force majeure circumstances, such as: natural disaster, fire, flood, military actions of any nature, blockade, significant changes in legislation, other circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer, if these circumstances prevent the fulfillment of such obligations;

10.7.10 lost, damaged or delayed entries, or entries received as a result of any network, computer hardware or software failure;

10.7.11 any direct or indirect losses of the Participants related to participation in the Contest, including those resulting from failures in telecommunications and power networks, actions of malicious programs, unfair actions of third parties aimed at unauthorized access and (or) disabling the Organizer's software and (or) hardware complex, as well as unforeseen force majeure circumstances. The Organizer is not obliged to compensate losses of the Participants in such cases. The Organizer does not cover any expenses of the Participants, including Internet, telephone, transportation and other expenses which may arise in the course of participation in the Promotion or receipt of Rewards.

10.8 The terms used in these Rules and Regulations refer exclusively to this Promotion.