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Souks, shopping malls and gleaming gold

Do you enjoy an Arabian ambience? Book a flight to Bahrein and go shopping in ancient souks or modern shopping centres. Explore the historic city centre of Manama and visit the old Bahrein Fort or the modern Al-Fateh Grand Mosque. Diving enthusiasts will have a great time in the waters around Bahrein that is teeming with wonderful fish and colourful coral. Bahrein is the pearl of the Persian Gulf!

Go shopping in souks

Persian carpets, gleaming gold and Arabian spices – find all this and more in Bahrein. The Manama Souk is a maze of streets crammed with shops and stalls where vendors will try to tempt you to purchase their wares. In the Gold City, you’ll find all kinds of jewellery, however, the Al Aali Mall is an exceptional experience. This is a modern shopping centre with a surprise – the Al-Tawaweesh Souk. Part of the mall has been designed in the form of an Arabian souk. It looks like traditional Arabian streets, but with the comfort of air-conditioning. Bahrein is the ideal destination for a holiday full of variety in the Middle East. Treat yourself: book a flight to Bahrein now!

Book a flight to Bahrain

Go pearl diving in the Gulf

Bahrein is an island that is connected to Saudi Arabia by bridge. As it’s surrounded by water, Bahrein is great for diving, with pearl diving being a major attraction. This tradition goes back centuries and was one of Bahrein’s main sources of income. Take a pearl diving course, learn about the history of this tradition and dive down to Bahrein’s largest pearl beds. Best of all, if you find a pearl, you can keep it!

Flights to Bahrein for a unique holiday

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