The Sustainable Flight Challenge

SkyTeam is organising the Sustainable Flight Challenge for the 2nd time on 16, 17 and 18 May. During this challenge, 22 airlines, including KLM and KLM Cityhopper, will fly their most sustainable flight. Afterwards, the participants will implement and share sustainable solutions.

More sustainable solutions

Air travel currently isn’t sustainable. The Sustainable Flight Challenge helps us and other airlines develop new ideas for sustainable solutions. All airlines share their ideas and solutions, everyone learns from each other.

If possible, we implement these initiatives and/or solutions after the challenge. The airline that implements the most ideas from the Sustainable Flight Challenge afterwards wins an award.

New ideas

In addition to successful ideas from the last Challenge, we’ve also developed new ideas for this year’s Challenge. Here are 2 of our new initiatives:

  • Our fuel supplier has improved our Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF, a more sustainable alternative for the fuel we use for our planes: kerosene), to save more CO₂ emissions.
  • We try out different meals on board to reduce the impact of our food chain.

Sustainability efforts

The Sustainable Flight Challenge initiatives aren’t the only initiatives we use to increase our sustainability. We add 1% Sustainable Aviation Fuel to the fuel system at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for all flights departing from there, and invest in fleet renewal, recycling, noise reduction etc.

Employee Sustainability Challenge

Our employees are involved in the flights participating in the Sustainable Flight Challenge. Employees shared their ideas for the Challenge during the Employee Sustainability Challenge. Around 130 ideas were shared.

Share knowledge

After the Challenge, all participating airlines can share their knowledge and experiences during an event and on an online platform. Participants can partake in workshops about recycling, optimum flight routes, and more. On this day, the awards will be presented.

What is SkyTeam?

KLM is part of SkyTeam, a global network of 20 airlines working together to provide millions of passengers with the best travel experience. We aim to challenge ourselves, each other, and the industry to innovate. We want a sustainable future for aviation, and innovation is part of that. Innovation will help us to transition from flying more to flying better.

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