A visit to Tierpark Hagenbeck

It started with a collection of seals in 1848 and grew into one of the most beautiful zoos in Germany. Visitors to Tierpark Hagenbeck in Hamburg enjoy a close-up look at elephants, orang-utans, sea lions, Siberian tigers and many other animal species. The magnificent habitats take you to the vast plains of the African savannah and the enormous Arctic Ocean.

Family Fun

Feeding giraffes and elephants

Visit Tierpark Hagenbeck any time of the year to experience a fun and exciting day at the zoo. As well as for the wonderful animals, the zoo is famous for its so-called panoramas: amazing replicas of habitats where several species of animals live together. The design of the zoo uses canals and deep moats to separate the animals from each other. The zoo has an exquisite African panorama: it is home to zebras and ostriches, as well as impalas and Egyptian geese. The giraffes are quite curious and love to eat twigs and leaves out of your hand. The lions snooze at a safe distance and inside a ravine. Further down, you will encounter kangaroos, emus and colourful macaws. On the other side of the park are the Asian elephants. Visitors are allowed to feed these enormous creatures, but only on weekends between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm.

Flamingos along the waterside

Flamingos along the waterside

Polar bears and penguins

Don’t miss the polar panorama: this is where the Arctic and Antarctic continents meet. Animals from the coldest regions of the world live together, from Arctic sea birds to South American sea lions. The large basin with 5.5 million litres of water gives the animals plenty of room to swim and dive. Polar bears paddle from one ice floe to another, while the sea lions laze on the rocks. Listen to the penguins chirping away inside the ice cave and watch them play together. In addition, the basin’s large windows offer visitors a great view of what happens under water.

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