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Discover the beauty of Paramaribo

Get to know the real Suriname. Book a flight to Paramaribo and experience the warm hospitality of the Surinamese people. If you enjoy unique nature and rich history, then Paramaribo is the place for you. Browse colourful markets and taste specialties from Surinamese cuisine. Enjoy a laidback, relaxing vacation in Suriname.

Admire the city's beauty and history

Waterkant is Paramaribo's lively heart. The street is lined with historic colonial buildings and begins at Onafhankelijkheidsplein (Independence Square). Also visit the nearby Central Market. The stalls in the covered market area display a dazzling selection of food items. Another highlight of your trip to Paramaribo is a visit to Fort Zeelandia:  here you will learn more about the history of Suriname. Paramaribo is not only the ideal destination for a city trip, but also as the starting point for a longer vacation in Suriname. Treat yourself: book a flight to Paramaribo now!

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Life in the jungle

Suriname still boasts unparalleled, pristine nature. Watch dozens of turtles in the Galibi Nature reserve or hike to the spectacular waterfalls in the Raleighvallen Nature reserve. This park lies along the Coppename river, a good place for spotting monkeys. Another unique experience is a visit to Palumeu, a traditional Amerindian village, an hour flight from Paramaribo. Experience life in the jungle with a stay in a simple forest hut. In the morning you awake to a cacophony of birds, monkeys and other rainforest dwellers.

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