Compensation for your baggage

Even though we do everything we can to avoid it, sometimes baggage gets lost, delayed, or damaged. If this happens, we can offer you several refund or compensation options.

Delayed baggage

Did you have to buy extra items at your destination, such as clothing and toiletries, because your checked baggage was delayed? Report this to us within 21 days from the day your luggage was delivered to you. Make sure to keep the receipt of the items you bought and send us a copy to request compensation for these expenses. We’ll do our best to help you.

Lost baggage

Something you hope to never experience: your baggage gets lost. If you didn't get your suitcase back within 21 days after the arrival of your flight, please contact us. We will work this out together. Please note that one of the outcomes may be that we recommend contacting your insurance company. Most insurance policies cover loss based on the value of the property.

Read more about KLM’s responsibility

Damaged baggage

Unfortunately, sometimes your baggage gets damaged during transport. Regular handling of your bag may leave scratches, marks, minor dents, and other signs of use. We are not liable for these smaller damages. Is your baggage damaged more severely? Please report this to the baggage desk at the airport as soon as possible. A report will be generated to facilitate your compensation claim. You will also receive information about the repair shop, if applicable.

Did you discover the damage after leaving the airport? Please report this within 7 days after your arrival. You can do so by using the link below, where you can both report the damage and request compensation.