Lost items

Left a personal item on board or noticed that something is missing from your baggage? Let us help you report and find your lost item.

Lost item on board

If you left a personal item onboard the aircraft, it depends on the airline and airport of arrival what you can do.

Flight operated by KLM arriving at Schiphol

Contact us within 3 days to let us know what you’re missing and which flight you were on. The KLM Lost & Found team will then get to work to locate your lost item.

If you find out more than 3 days after arrival that you’re missing something, please contact the airport. Everything that’s found will be brought to storage after that time, including items that were left behind in the KLM Crown Lounges.

Contact Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Flight operated by KLM arriving at another airport

Please contact the local KLM staff at the airport to explain to them what happened. They will help you out.

Flight operated by Air France

If you lost something on board an Air France aircraft, please reach out to them. They’ll store found items up to 3 months.

Contact Air France

Other airlines

If you lost something on board an aircraft operated by another airline, please contact the customer support department of that airline.

Item missing from your baggage

If you discover that something’s missing from your baggage, make sure to reach out to us within 7 days after arrival. We’ll discuss with you what we can do.